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- What is data recovery?
  Data recovery is the procedure used to recover data from a variety of media and operating systems that has been lost by hardware failure, human error, software bugs, a virus or a natural disaster.
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- What are common reasons for data loss?
  Data loss can result from one or more of the following: electro-mechanical failure, natural disaster, computer viruses, data corruption or most commonly: human error.
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- Is it safe to use a disk utility program to try my own data recovery at home?
  While most disk utilities provide excellent preventative maintenance by fixing minor problems, they can render data unrecoverable in the event of extreme corruption.
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- My hard disk is inaccessible and making a ticking noise?
  This type of failure is more common on laptop hard disk drives and fortunately the data if often recoverable from this situation. Often, the drive will not be recognised in the BIOS and it\'s important that you power the drive down and keep it that way as repeatedly turning it on in this condition may cause further damage.
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- Is my data treated as confidential ?
  All customer data is treated as sensitive and confidential as standard.
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- How long will it take?
  That depends on your media problem and capacity. For deleted, formatted and other logical problems, we can finish the job on the same day or as you wait. For media with seriously damage and physical problems, approximately 2-5 working days, recovery engineers will inform you for the status of your media and depends on availability of parts needed.
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- How much data can be recovered?
  On logical problems we can recover up to 70%-100% that depends on what type of logical problem. On physical problems we can recover up to 40%-100% also depends on what type of physical problems.
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- How much will it cost?
  The recovery cost depends on what type and problem of media and the amount of work required, We provide special skills and solutions using latest technology to recover any media problems. Our recovery charge as of now is 500SR – 2000SR that depends on the the problem of your media.
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